DAY ONE. It was a pleasant sup rose i land in Sydney with some decent weather. With nothing but sunshine and a slight breeze despite forecast rain, So far so good. I was accompanied by Brooke Ross's stunning Rhino Overcoat and was clearly ready for wintery winds and a foggy morning. Though despite the earth I soldiered on and refused to take the five kilos of cashmere wool off my body. 

Getting to the hotel I had about 2 hours to unpack, shower, iron, redo hair and makeup and change. By this stage i have become fully aware that this is just the beginning and i'm in for a jam packed weekend with the Redken team. 

I underestimated just how many people could squeeze backstage before the Ellery show. We had the expected hairstylist, makeup artists models and photographers but on top of this add a few nail artists, PR, and twenty odd ballerinas from the Australian Ballet Company and you really have yourself a fashion week party. It was organised chaos as the Redken stylist did hair for the likes of Gemma Ward, who opened for Ellery in true style. 

Soft, low pony tails perfectly paired with elegant architectural flares showed just how deserving Ellery was for the coverer opening spot for MBFWA 15. 

Stay tuned for fully backstage access for all Redken shows. 

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