Jacket/Dress - Sass & Bide // Collard Dress - Unif // Bag - Witchery

This was a looonnngg awaited post. I've edited/uploaded/published this post at least 3 times. Losing them the first two which frustrated me to the point where I could no longer look at other photo without feeling intense anger. But finally! All is well - and I actually really love everything about this look. Especially the Sass and Bide dress. I've never been so happy with a splurge item in my life. Because of the versatility I convinced myself that I was buying both a dress and a jacket. Now I don't feel guilty that i can't pay rent. 
And of course my all time favourite Hellbounds that never disappoint, never heart my feet and never make me look like an idiot trying to walk in heels are paired with their favourite knee highs. There is nothing cuter than massive heels and a lovely pair of knee highs. 
As it is currently spring but i'm not one for outrageous colours, I broke the all black look with a pop of blue on my nails and a matt pink lip. 

Just FYI this is currently my favourite bridge in Melbourne. It not only looks like I'm walking the streets of a European country but it also links both me and my bestie through Church and Chapel street! Not only does it make Ryan and I more accessible to each other to fun best friend things he can also shoot me for blogs! 

*   *   *
I also want to use this time to let ya'll know as of right now i've decided to start a youtube channel! It will more than likely just consist of me rambling and some clothing hauls, housing good hauls, make up hauls, OOTD's and maybe even some makeup tutorials if I can get a hang of how to do my makeup on camera! So let me know (via instagram if there is anything in particular you guys wanna see)

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