So I've just finished my Harry Potter movie marathon which i've broken up over a few days so i'm not entirely sure you can call it a marathon- probably more like one of those cross country journeys where they take pit stops along the way to recoup. But non the less it was something I will probably do six to fifteen more times across the span of my life. I'm writing this in a half Australian half British accent because basically I get so involved in books/tv shows/ movies that I actually become a part of the series and I spend a decent amount of my adult time ignoring reality and really committing to a character. It just so happens that my boyfriend has started playing football for Gryffindor (Monash Gryphons) and now I can really push the limits of my character/sanity in the outside world. 

But I'm sure no one is here to talk Harry Potter (if you are we may just be best friends) so i'll get to it. 
I've had this shoot done for quite some time now but part of me hasn't wanted to post it purely for the fact that I wanted to prolong the amount of time it had to be featured. I genuinely adore each and every piece in this outfit especially the blazer. Wowee. Definitely a staple piece for when it's not exactly hot nor cold nor anything in my shitty town of pollution and smog. I paired it with thee comfiest pair of boyfriend jeans I think I will ever have in my possession. They are a little big but I don't even care because they are like wearing distressed denim clouds on my legs. I probably could have done with an extra cuff at the bottom but hey, you win some you lose some. I would definitly contemplate pairing my Zara pointed flats or White Suede kittens with this outfit if I was say, leaving my house. But i'm happy with the mix of laid back comfort and sharp lines. 

 Blazer- Wish
Crop- Neon Hart via General Pants
Boyfriend Jeans- Myer Miss Shop
Leopard Slides- Windsor Smith


  1. Love this, that jacket is amazing <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. They are very, very cool jeans :)

  3. Everything about you is stunning! I love your blog, I love the way your writing, your style is so cool, your body is perfect, you're beautiful...ugh I'm jealous! And I'm also a big fan of your instagram! Your blog is definitley one of my favs! xx

    1. Oh Thank you so much Lovely! That means a lot! I'm glad you love it!