Welcome back to me!

In my next post i'll go more in depth into my constant disappearing acts. But for now, i'm safe healthy and still poor. I've got a seriously layered look today with a muscle, a cape and a leather jacket. At first I felt the colour was a bit much as all of a sudden anything but neutrals, black and white make my top lip curl but I'm surprisingly happy with the way this turned out. 

I feel it has a lot to do with the cut of the individual pieces. I actually really love the style of the ciggie muscle. It's long and flowy, the only down fall is the swearing on the front. I no longer feel like a rebellious teen so when I wear it i'm very worried that old grandmas or families are going to be offended. If you had of told me I couldn't wear this tee two years ago for the same reasons I probably would have told you to fuck off there and then. I dunno, call it maturity, call it me trying to get a job as a teacher in a respectable school, call it what ever you want but I am no longer a fan of profanity on clothing. (But this tee is killer shhh).

I have another big thank you to make to Lucy from DGLT Luxe for this one of a kind sun and moon cape. I think it is absolutely adorable and pretty versatile. It's a shame that yellow isn't my colour but this cape is so bloody cute I can ignore that nagging that tells me not to put the colour to close to my face or i'll look washed out. 

I'm still slowly but surely in the process of looking for houses/apartments/shoe boxes in Melbourne but I'm getting pretty down about being stuck in the Valley with nothing to do but lunch at the same cafe or go see a movie in a cinema that hasn't been updated since the late 90's. So I picked up the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now I'm hooked and my whole life revolves around trying to get rich quick. So back to the drawing board to for me. 

Muscle Tee- Super Shop 24hrs


  1. You look awesome!
    love your outfit!
    amazing blog!
    following you hun!