I've finally grown out of the idea that people HAVE to love summer. It's been this unspoken rule that summer equals; happiness, love, romance, fun, music and all things positive in life. Where as the dreaded colder months are nothing but doom and gloom. If someone actually preferred the colder months over the sticky hot sand infested extended days of summer it was unspeakable and unheard of and down right frowned upon. You sad and emotional girl for enjoying dark and grey days. It's not the rain and the wind I love, it's not even really the frost I love. It's waking up on a a/w day and grabbing a cosy cardigan and drinking my fucking boiling hot coffee and not ending up looking as if i've just ran a ten km marathon (is that even considered a marathon distance? I mean I wouldn't even know). Its just so hot and smelly in summer and soaking in a big bowl of water is fun for about two minutes and then it just gets cold and your legs start to prickle and you have to go and fucking shave again. Don't get me wrong, if you love summer good for you, i'm sure you also love the beach and getting a tan and sipping cocktails water side. But I think the perfect day is a sunny winters day, with a fresh breeze and jack frost nipping at your nose (toes? whatever). 

But the reason for my lengthy position on the weather is because today was so bright and so hot that you can actually see the pain in my eyes, or rather my eye lids cause I cant seem to keep them open. Not to mention the horrible realisation that I black is about a million times hotter than any other colour on the planet. All I want to do is wear my fake fur, beanies, coats and gloves without being judged or considered insane. 


I think this is quite possibly one of my favourite shaped muscle tees. I love a high neck and broad shoulders and the length is spot on. Lucy, the founder of DGTL.LUXE has already created such a fabulous name for herself with high quality, minimalistic items ranging from two pieces to mesh maxies. The rest of my outfit you have seem before, except maybe the bike shorts, which the 'bad bitch' that takes these photos absolutely hates and states that they accentuate my groin area which I feel is stupid considering you cant even see it. I then retaliated with the bad news that I hate wedged sneakers and I think they are such a ridiculous invention. Which she is clearly heart broken by because she has always wanted to spend an absurd amount of money on them. And its kinda just back and forth like that until we get distracted by catalogues and our dizzy spells. 

Muscle Tee- DGTL LUXE
Bike Shorts- Cotton On Body
Sandals- Windsor Smith
Bag- Jil Sander


  1. This look is absolutely stunning! x

  2. this is perfection! love monochromatic outfits <3

  3. such a great look!