My outfit today, on what feels like the first day of Australian summer, features two main pieces. The first being the Milk & Honey bustier from Myer and the second are my new Cat Footwear boots. Funny story about the boots- so basically I come from a small town about two hours away from Melbourne. Down here there are basically three options for everyone- get a trade, become a hairdresser or go to uni, and for the lucky few move to the city. But majority of the people I know are tradesmen, like builders, electricians, boiler makers, dredge drivers, miners etc. One thing all these jobs have in common is their get up and more importantly, their shoes. Growing up with my dad and brothers all sporting the same steal cap boots I never ever imagined that I would today be wearing a pair as an accessory. I can almost hear the rolling of eyes of each and every tradesmen that wears similar boots to the ones featured in my outfit. But hey, if Dr Marten can do it, Timberland can do it then so can Cat Footwear. And plus the honey colour is great for summer. My overall thoughts and feelings are that I absolutely love them- they are fantastic quality, they feel amazing, are comfy, supportive and best of all chunky. Cat Footwear are also having a launch party soon, check their Facebook for details. 

I also had another exciting experience this month. I was invited to the Myer Miss Shop media showing of their SS14 collection. Bits and pieces were seen and it was such a wonderful experience! I picked up a few great pieces from their current line (see bustier) and also got to dabble in some cosmetics! So I'll be featuring many more items on the blog in the future. 

Despite being busy, I feel like it's been the laziest month ever after finishing uni. I feel like i deserved a massive non stop tv/movie marathon while working here and there and partying when I got sick of bed (and by partying I mean shots of tequila at the bar by myself while onlookers watch and judge my lack of self control). It seemed to be that I was in post uni limbo, a place where I no longer wanted to do what I studied for four years but yet have no idea what I actually want to do. So I basically decided that I would live vicariously through Clark and the gang on Smallville and pretend like I wasn't 22 and still living with my parents. 
I then experienced a sudden and striking realisation that I a) love to play music and b) would do it for the rest of my life. So now my new journey is saving up a pretty penny to build my studio where i'll make awesome electro/chill sounds and become rich. (because boy am I sick of being poor). 

Bustier- Myer Milk and Honey
Boyfriend Jeans- Nasty Gal
Boots- CAT Footwear Australia
Make up- Miss Shop



  1. You look so great! The crop top is so cute!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  2. That crop top is adorable <3