This monochromic wonderland was such a fluke to find. It's an old petrol station that is completely run down and I thank the vandals who made this white wall their canvas as it makes this shoot amazing! 
I just did a massive NastyGal haul when I realised I had nothing even slightly summery in my wardrobe. Literally every item I brought was either black or white. I think this summer will be a complete 180 from last summer. Basically i'll just be replacing pastel colours with crisp black, grey and white. 
I've been absent again for a little while as it's coming to the end of my four year teaching degree and soon i'll be graduating! So i've been knuckling down trying to finish off my last few assignments! 
I'm also off to bali for the next 8 nights which is incredibly exciting! We have this amazing estate all to ourselves, a chef, driver, butler, masseuse, everything! I cant wait to just hang out in the humidity and not have to think about anything from home! Though i'm a little nervous i'll get sick as I haven't had any vaccinations... errr. 
Oh and here is my hair! Completely gone and I absolutely love it. It completely polishes off any look! And I can put it in the cutest little buns. 

Tee- Nasty Gal
Boyfriend Jeans- Nasty Gal 
Shoes- Siren Shoes via The Iconic.


  1. ugh this is amazing! You look gorgeous! :)

    Hayley xx

  2. Great shoes! Love this set