It feels good to be back into the swing of things! I desperately missed style blogging whilst on placement. I had so many wonderful items that I have piled up waiting to be styled and I cant wait to get back into the routine. 

Placement was actually a really wonderful time, I fell in love with my class and learnt so much and was incredibly sad to say good bye. But I can certainly say I don't think i'm ready to teach as of yet but when I am I think I will go down the path of specialist music teaching as I have such a good time getting kids excited about music. I think it suits my personality more than being in a structured classroom. 

Anyway! It's Spring Fashion Week at the moment and given my current stance with uni and placement I really had no chance to go along and gawk at the models and designers but if I did I feel I would have sported something along the lines of this outfit. The leggings are by Sinstar Clothing and I must say, I'm not a leggings sort of gal but these wolf leggings are super slick. Amazingly comfy and the print adds a little more depth to this outfit. I scored this leather jacket off eBay quite some time ago but have hardly worn it. It's an amazing authentic vintage 1970's leather moto and I had to completely strip the insides and pull out all padding as it was so puffy! But I absolutely love it now and it has the cutest secret pouch inside for all my coins and jewellery. I never really include many accessories in my outfits so I though today I would show how I usually like to link my lipstick to my clutch which seems so incredibly pointless but I don't like to match my shoes to my bag so I figured I need to keep the colour pop in line. I also chose white sunnies today which is always a risk, I feel white sunnies can look incredibly tacky at times. But I do love the shape of these LeSpecs. If you look super close at my hands you will also notice a monstrosity of chipped, short and thin finger nails- that is the direct consequence of three weeks of high levels of stress but I plan on buying heaps of fresh fruits and veggies and making healthy homemade juices to get my health up and running again! 

Lastly I have to give my wonderful boyfriend Ryan a massive shout out as he helped me out with pictures today and did a mighty fine job if I do say so myself! 

I cant wait to show you all the amazing things I have lined up for the next couple of weeks! 

Sunnies- LeSpecs
Moto Jacket- Vintage-eBay
Shirt- Ladakh
Leggings- Sinstar Clothing
Shoes- London Underground 


  1. Found your blog recently and I'm obsessed Love finding fellow aussie bloggers


  2. love the leggings, and you look so lovely with a bright colored lip!

  3. The leggins are so cool! xx

  4. gorgeous outfit i really love the way youve styled yourself. Especially your hair! It looks so sleek with this outfit!

    Hayley xx