I thought I managed to get a lot done today but now I think about it, somehow I didn't do any of the important stuff. In my mind, getting out of bed and doing more than flicking on the t.v and zoning out seems like a productive day. It's almost midnight now and I've been sitting in the same spot since dinner (which was a mixture of orange juice, pepsi, Nutella on toast and grilled cheese - my health is at the top of my 'to keep' list, clearly) 

Both outfits today feature crops from Dark Moon Cult! My skin is almost see through i'm that pale. The sun was out today and I stood inside in front of a window and it was the strangest feeling. Warmth was actually coming from somewhere other than my shower/central heater/dog/boyfriend. I cant remember the last time my heat pack wasn't used as a portable heater. I think about going to bed now, middle of the night, freezing and it almost doesn't seem worth it. 

Oh, I thought I should probably discuss my favourite shoes at the moment. My new vans are by far the comfiest/coolest shoes on my shoe rack. I left my plain canvas vans outside all winter and they slowly started turing this god awful brown/purple/vomit colour and I'm pretty sure a few creepy crawlies have taken up permanent residency in there. But it was a blessing in disguise 'cause now I own THESE! Everything else in these outfits i'm sure has been seen before. *

Money/Leaf Crop- Dark Moon Cult
Leather Jacket- The Ragged Priest
Camo Pants- General Pants
High Top Old Skool Sneekers-Vans
Leather Skirt- H&M
*I'm not proof reading this as it's late and i'm tired. 


  1. LOVE the second outfit, its so edgy and cool

    would love it if you checked my blog out

  2. Perfection in every way <3

  3. You're perfect I hope you know that! xx