What a sad, wet, horrible day it was in Vic today. I didn't (unfortunately) get to wear this pretty little dress out past my driveway today as it was way to cold, even with my fav shaggy cardigan. It really was a shame as this dress is stunning! It hug and accentuates in all the right areas and had cute little cap sleeves to top it off. Today is a very cute and simple girly look, I could have toped it off with a garter or choker but I was liking how simple it was and the pattern of the dress was enough! The dress is by one of my all time favourite brands Motel and I just love how ridiculously on point each item is. I have my eye on a faux fur reversible clutch/bag from their new bag range (as you know, anything furry, fuzzy, shaggy and soft is currently all I can think about)

I did manage to leave my house today and get my nails done -what a ridiculous cliche I am- I thought I would give Shellac another go, but I tell you, after the last effort my nails were in a bad way. For anyone that knows me there are a few things that I suck at, the biggest one is anything that requires coordination but the second biggest one is keeping healthy; this almost always results in me having crap nails, skin and hair. Which is a real bummer because I love long hair and nails and I certainly love waking up and having a great healthy glow about me, I mean who doesn't. But I also love eating a whole tin of Pringles and waking up to bowl of gummy worms that I started the night before. So instead I just watch my hair fall out, chew off my nails and wash my face with bleach*.

Dress- Motel
Cardigan- Evil Twin
Socks- Sportsgirl
Shoes- Unif

*I have never ever in my whole life, nor will I ever in the future, wash my face with bleach. 
I am not some sort of crazy person. 


  1. amazing blog! love youe style so much! following you now on instagram and bloglovin! check out my blog! xx


    1. oh thank you so much Kim, I'll definitely check out your blog and IG!
      Much Love!

  2. Thank for sharing!!!

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