Part one of my shoot featuring the perfect pieces from Tibbs and Bones. I decided to do it in two parts as I realised there were almost 40 pictures and it just seemed excessive. This outfit is definitely the more 'wearable' one of the two. I'm wearing both the PURR EVIL shirt and pastel corduroy jacket from Tibbs and Bones and I must say I was over the moon at the quality of both items. The jacket is insanely warm and fluffy and before I even shot this look it had become a staple in my wardrobe. 

I'll also address the elephant in the room. I'm not actually a full time smoker and I would love to say that these are herbal but hey I was rushed and there is an abundance of ciggies around my house. Like most we all do stupid things when we are drunk, some people get really slutty, some people develop a serious potty mouth and I, well I chain smoke like a 1950's gangster (I also religiously dance the twist like Vince and Mia minus the black wig). But for todays shoot I wanted to play around with the actual smoke part of the ciggy. You know create some cool effects like i'm some sixteen year old hoodlum sneaking out the back of the house trying to get head spins. But it didn't really work how I envisioned and instead I ended up smoking sober and tasting like my boyfriend after a really big night. Also, I have many a time gone and purchased cigarettes for either my mother or my boyfriend and never have I experiences the type of discrimination I did tonight. Some guy at the supermarket was really over the top nice, almost to the point where I thought he was going to get down on one knee and propose there and then. Anyway, after numerous questions about my life while he scanned my items I asked if he could get me a pack of PJ golds. WELL! The flirting stopped there. All of a sudden it was as if I had some form of stench about me that only full time smokers get and what went from being an over the top annoying conversation turend into a really rushed, negative check out experience. I felt like shouting Carrie Bradshaw style about how "I have an addiction Sir!" but I didn't because I friggen don't. The ciggies weren't even for me you judgemental idiot. 

Lets be honest though, you probably wont even notice the ciggy because you'll be too mesmerised by the cute evil kitty on my shirt. 

Hat- Black Friday
Jacket & Tee- Tibbs and Bones
Pants- UNIF
Shoes- Y.R.U


  1. gorgeous outfit you look freaking awesome! Im loving that jacket and the trousers so much!!!!!

    Hayley xx