Thought I might try things a little bit differently for this post. My photo's are larger, as I finally figured out how to mess around with HTML screen and I thought I would change the layout a little. Today was a super quick post of what I wore to lunch and movies. It was FREEZING and so windy today. So the shots without my jacket were taken so quickly. It wasn't overly sunny but during the really windy months my eyes go nuts and water like crazy, it's during this time when I have to be really careful about what make up I use, especially mascara. So the sun glasses are for blocking out the wind rather than the sun. Reading glasses also do the trick. I guess it's kind of like hay fever during winter.

The skirt I have on today is by Motel and is by far the most flattering item I have ever worn. Unfortunately the zipper isn't functioning well so I had to wear it undone all day (covered by my jacket) but I loved it so much that I didn't even care. Plus it's way to easy to fix for it to bother me! I'm pretty bottom heavy, meaning I carry most of my weight around my butt and hips (it used to be both butt and boobs, but something went terribly wrong and now i'm just average in the bust) so it is ridiculously hard for me to find bottoms that fit as well as this skirt and it hugs in all the right places. The halter crop is also by Motel and again I am in love! I feel Motel cannot do anything wrong by me. The white is a tiny bit see through, which wouldn't bother me if we were in summer, a little nipple never hurt, but during winter it crosses the line a little. So I just wore a stick on bra underneath and it worked a treat! I mean you can still kinda see through it but hey, I'm also not one for closing my legs with a skirt on either (oh how promiscuous).

The beanie is by Unif and was part of a wonderful birthday present that my amazing boyfriend got for me, along with the perfect Mary Chains. It's a little tight on my head but a couple days or wear and stretching should take care of that! I actually have not taken this jacket and hoodie combo off since I got it, its my go to for comfort and warmth and the patches make it a little different to the other standard green parkas and military jackets.

Beanie- Unif
Jacket- Kill City via Dolls Kill
Crop & Skirt- Motel
Sun Glasses- Ray Ban