I've been going crazy not being able to update as often as I would like. I feel like I am my most active at night which is such a pain when it comes to shooting. So i do apologise for not updating as often as i really should be, hopefully the busier I am the more time i'll have to shoot? That makes sense in my head trust me. 

I received this amazing shaggy cardi by Evil Twin in the mail today and i'm so in love! You can thank Kristy from Kristy Lee Loves for the my latest obsession with all things shaggy. Todays outfit, believe it or not, isn't actually very practical and I was only dressed in this swim suit from Black Milk because I was trying to get some sun on my ghostly pale winter legs. As you can see it did absolutely nothing. If I can just go back to the cardi again I must say I was extremely excited to wear it when it came this morning and much like all the coats I buy, I usually wake up early, get my deliveries, chuck my fur/shag/plush coat on and head back to be and sleep in. It's actually become a little bit of a ritual. But sadly today when I opened my parcel from General Pants, the security tag was still attached to my cardi! It was one of those moments where you kinda just sit there staring at the same thing for about 10 minutes hoping that something will change on it's own because getting up and sorting it out just seems well and truly too much effort. I mean the reason I shop online is due to the fact that I hate leaving my house.  Anyway I thought it was going to be a massive drama and I would have to send it back and I spent the morning speaking to people that seemed very lovely but also a little bit unaware of the fact that I live in the country and we have very little access to, well, pretty much anything. Most of the phone call went a little like this: 
GP- Try going to a Myer that have the same tags...
ME- yeah, nope, we dont do department stores in the Valley
GP- hmmm... oh! oh! what about Bardot? 
ME- (sigh) nope. Sorry. Supre?
GP- errrr.....
GP- I dont even think they have security tags... what stores do you have?
ME- Kmart? Target?
GP- yikes....yeah, nah. Maybe just send it back. 

BUT THEN my super smart best friend who is amazing at being dodgy tells me that one of our local Harris Scarf work miracles and will fix it and they did and I got a compliment on my cardigan and all. So really not to bad of a story and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be to fix it and I have now dragged this out far to long. So enjoy the mini outfit post and a sneak of my music room and hopefully I'll get my shit together soon and be more frequent! yay! 

Cardigan- Evil Twin via General Pants
Swim- Black Milk
Bandana- Thrift

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