As you know, I have recently discovered a serious love for everything that is puffy, fluffy, shaggy or has tassels.  So when I stumbled across LILYA I was almost overwhelmed by a wave of shopper anxiety when I realised I couldn't have everything then and now. I think this love for giant faux fur coats and puffy shaggy cardigans will continue well into the warmer months. The Mongolian Lamb Wool coat featured in the picture above it one of my favourite pieces from LILYA and I die every time I see it knowing how far away it is from my closet. One day. 

Store- ilovelilya


What a lady. I actually can't get over how effortlessly cool Violet is. It's like watching that person in high school be exceptionally good at everything they do without even trying and you just feel like you cant stop watching them succeed all the while you're barely passing maths. Her style is killer and photography is even cooler. 

Lookbook- Violet-E


I know, I know. This album is old news, but it's one of my all time favourites and I only just got my iPod back up and running and rediscovered the greatness of this album. I forgot how much I love music that depresses the hell out of me. I don't think there is anything better than listening to something that makes you feel so sad that you start to feel happy. It takes a truly sad song to make this strange reaction occur but when it does it's makes something click within me that gives me all this motivation to do something more with my life. And then my iPod shuffles and on comes Mariah Carey and I realise that it's the middle of the night, I'm poor, have lived a sheltered life and all motivation is lost and I go back to scrubbing my tiles with bleach and a tooth brush. 

Band- Brand New
Album- The Devil and God are Raging inside me. 


Lavender has been my best friend these last few weeks. I always knew that the sent helped with anxiety and sleep I just didn't' realise how well it actually worked! I brought some Lavender oil to rub on my wrists and temples before bed but I find that it also helps to calm me before I do something that really makes my heart race, like grocery shopping or meeting new people or basically just leaving my house. Quick story, I now have to take my dog with me in my car just so I don't spend all night wandering aimlessly around like a zombie in the grocery shop. There are too many people and too many things inside a grocery store it becomes overwhelming and if the slightest thing goes wrong I become inconsolable. Okay i'm exaggerating, but once the deli man didn't have any chicken breasts and I just stood there looking at him with this shocked face, jaw almost touching the floor expecting him to say "JUST KIDDING we were saving these two for you" but he didn't instead he just told me to have a look in the meat section. Then this other time I went in to buy some disinfectant and bleach and spent 20 minutes in the cleaning isle wondering why the hell they don't just add fabric softener to all washing powders and I came out with this air freshener which I thought was going to blow bubbles every time I sprayed it but turns out I read the bottle wrong and all it was, was just a really crappy toilet spray. Lavender on the other hand smells better and helps with all my social issues whether it's a placebo or not I feel like a better person now that I have a little bottle of liquid calm. 


Considering I have now mentioned bleach twice in this favourites posts I figured I should explain why I enjoy bleach so much. It's nothing weird, I don't wash my hair with it, or consume it or spend a lot of time thinking about it or anything that borders on inappropriate. I just like it for it's ability to make my tiles and the grout that holds my tiles together this wonderful pristine white. It also makes my toilet and basin so bright and clean. Since my mother is no longer my full time cleaner I have had to take things into my own hands and really nut out some appropriate cleaning strategies. What I didn't realise is that you shouldn't work with bleach on an empty stomach or early in the morning or really anytime where you might be distracted as it can literally make you lose your mind. Another story, (for someone who doesn't do much i sure have a lot of stupid stories) I was once cleaning out the laundry, which was a regular occurrence as Wallace was going through this really weird stage where he would be too lazy and cold to go do his manly business outside and would just use the tiles as his own private bathroom. So I have to really give the tiles a good scrub with a toothbrush and bleach otherwise his business stains the grout this disgusting ivory colour. So basically as i'm scrubbing I realise that if anyone saw me that they would either congratulate me on my domestic skills or get me mixed up with Cinderella pre Prince Charming days. Then I started to sing the Little Mermaid Part of Your World at the top of my lungs because I don't know any Cinderella songs and mid song I start to get really dizzy. Like i'm talking head spins, heart palpitations, hot flushes and then it goes black. I pass out into the bleach on the tiles and wake up what feels like days later (it was only 2 minutes, if that) and walk to the mirror and the first thing that comes to mind is "holy shit, i'm not supposed to bleach my hair for at least another month". But I still really appreciate the job that bleach does, just remember, good ventilation and gloves are a must. 

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