Bowler Hat- Dangerfield 
Blouse- Alice in the Eve via General Pants
Skirt- Toxic Codeine
Mary Chains- Unif

Today I said goodbye to my parents for four whole months. I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do with myself now as I have absolutely no life skills. I cant cook, clean or pay bills like the adult I'm supposed to be. Any handy tips and tricks for making a great housewife would be fantastic. 

You could say that todays outfit was slightly inspired by The Great Gatsby as it's probably one of my favourite movies at the moment (along with the rest of the world), though as I said on my Instagram I failed miserably at my attempt at finger waves so I chucked on my bowler hat! Speaking of hair, I'm actually contemplating cutting my hair into a long bob? Let me know what you guys think. This amazingly pretty velvet skater skirt was gifted by the lovely Jackie at Toxic Codeine, click the link above the check out the other amazing items in her shop! There will be another outfit post feature another skirt I was sent as well so stay tuned! I was so lucky that my birthday present from Ryan arrived in time for this post, these shoes are perfect with this skirt! I am absolutely in love with both items. The blouse isn't exactly my style anymore though I felt this outfit needed a sweeter twist and the Peter Pan collar defiantly adds this element. 

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