Flannel, Hat and Crop- Cheer Up Clothing
Skirt- Toxic Codeine
Socks- Sports Girl
Shoes- Deanri

I only just realised after shooting this outfit post, that I don't know my town at all. For a small town that shuts down by 5:30 most nights there are so many hidden spots I just had no idea about. This spot for instance seems really beautiful, though what your not seeing is the numerous shopping trollies, tyres and abundance of trash flowing through our towns river that passes under a via duct which local teens have claimed as their canvas. But still, beautiful in the same way a screaming baby is.
Though being in a country town, where flannies are a popular choice of shirt for any local, I didn't want to shoot with hay barrels and cows in the background and be mistaken for an Aussie Disposals advertisement (which is actually a really good store when it comes to camping gear) Anyway, I'm really happy with the warmth of these images, it was a really lovely sunny winter day. I also really love this flannel, it's tailored to sit that little bit slimmer so you don't feel like your wearing a giant sack. The hat is a five panel covered in the most random and cute pictures, there are ice creams and elephants and palm trees. Cheer Up also have some wonderful muscle tees with these prints on them but I feel this print is definitely suited for the cute little bon voyage crop. Which speaking of french words, (speaking in French words?) my mum and dad are still over seas and they gave me a tour of their apartment in France and I'm incredibly jealous of people who call that place home. I try and avoid getting updated from my parents now as it makes me insanely depressed that i'm not there. But what doesn't make me depressed are these Deandri Tequilas, the wood is something i'm not really used to and I was never a fan of clogs but these just kept growing on me. Anyway, backwards caps are also something that I was always afraid of wearing, but then so is taking phone calls and thats now my job so I  guess next step is to get over my fear of grocery shopping. 

Speaking of groceries. Does anyone else find that when they finish up a really stressful period in their life and they automatically get sick, tired and unmotivated? It's as if my body was holding on by a thread to make sure I could finish this semester of uni, the extra work load of a new job and finding time to shoot blog post with extremely bad weather.  Now that I'm on top of everything I find myself so tired that i've basically just spent a whole week laying in bed, watching movies, reading books and taking baths. 
My house is also in the worst state I've ever seen it, my mum was always one to spend all her spare time cleaning (now I realise I never want to be a mum) but I just have no motivation to do anything other than lounge around all day. Even Wallace who is such an energetic dog just lays down next to me for moral support. I don't even get up to make breakfast, instead I just eat the left overs if Ryan has cooked too much toast. I spend way to much money on clothes that just sit pretty in my cupboard because I would rather stay home and watch disney movies on a friday night than actually go out. 

I feel this behaviour is far more acceptable coming from a teenager during school holidays, rather than a full grown woman with an office job, bills and responsibilities. Growing up is actually the worst. It probably also has something to do with both of my closest friends going on holidays and me being stuck to mope about the house all day alone, watching old eps of One Tree Hill and hating on Lucas and Peyton. Seriously though, during the fourth season Lucas loses the plot, or more so Chad Michael Murray's costume stylist, or who ever chooses what he wears on set has some kind of mental break down and starts advising Chad to wear the worst t-shirts in the world. He also dyes his hair this really bright blonde and I'm pretty sure he starts wearing eyeliner. We all know Peyton is the poor victim in every season/episode but it's as if no one cares that Lucas is going through this really awkward surfer/rocker/billy idol stage and worst, no one helps him because they are clearly too involved with poor Peyton. Peyton and Damon (Vamp Diaries) should just get married because they both share the same annoying extra-wide-open-eye issue.

I have no life. 


  1. Perfect ! ♥ ♥ ♥ Holly, I love totally this look and I'm fan :)

  2. How much trouble would I be in if I came and stole your shoes? I've been eyeing the Deandri shoes since I first saw them on Zoe Flood from Grand Theft Thrift, and have been pulling my hair out to get a pair of them. I love the outfit, and the way you're mixing masculine and feminine pieces, and yes, balancing everything can make almost anyone feel like shit. Glad you got through it though.

    1. Oh i'm so glad you like them! So many people dislike the shoes! But i absolutely love them!
      I'm also glad you get my style, I love to mix and match and make things clash!
      Thank you so much babe!

  3. The skater chick look has been pulling at my heart strings lately. You look effortlessly cool and badass in these pictures :) Well done, girl. Love every piece!

    xo Ashley

  4. gorgeousss outfit! Awesome shoes and you are stunning! <3

    Hayley xx