Jacket- Unif via Nasty Gal
Tee- JunkkYard
Shoes- Deandri via Ashbury Skies
Hat- Corpse Corps Board via Dolls Kill

Finally, a day that wasn't wet, cold and dark. 

K-ev (from kristyleeloves) has basically become my very own personal photographer/shoot directer. I was managing on my own but it's shoots like this one (on train tracks that are still very much in use) that I really love having her around. What started out as me directing her every movement with the camera, talking her through angles and lighting is no longer an issue. I'm so lucky that she is happy to join me on my blog shoots, it gives me so much more confidence to go and explore amazing places.

I have been waiting for what feels like forever for this jacket and these shoes. I had the outfit planned in my head since Jackie from Toxic Codeine contacted me and I refused to do a post with this skirt until every element was perfect. It just so happened that Roland from the etsy store Junkkyard sent me this amazing evil furby tee that I just couldn't resist pairing with this skirt. If you haven't already, click on the link above and check out both of these stores, they both have some incredible pieces. 

I decided to get the black on wood Tequila's instead of the exclusive hologram pair from dolls kill. There really wasn't any particular reason why except for the fact that it would become a staple shoe in my collection. Though I do completely love the hologram pair and when they are restocked they will probably take home on my shelf next to the black. I also posted a few weeks ago on my Instagram about how I wasn't sure about the sizing for the Unif Vapor Moto and though I did get the small, I feel the XS may have fitted better. Despite the fact that it is a restricting jacket I don't even care, it means I now have a choice between a denim, leather or plastic jacket. 

Sadly, I also scratched the wood on my Tequila's on those stupid muddy, rocky, unstable train tracks. How disappointing. And just as a closing comment, this hat is cool - you don't get to see how cool it actually is, so go buy it and decide for yourself, there is literally one left. 


  1. Yesss!! They turned out so good!!!

  2. I just found your blog through insta.. I'm in love with your style :) I hyped almost all of your looks too :) great blog keep it up *subscribed