Sweater- Everland Cothing
Dress- Nasty Gal
Shoes- UNIF

Skirt- Everland Clothing
Fish Net Crop- Motel
Cross Crop- Jac Vanek
Leg Garter- Dark Moon Cult

Skirt- Everland Clothing
Crop- Oh Mighty!
Socks- America Apparel 
Shoes- UNIF

Firstly, this shoot was a MASSIVE fluke. Not one part of this (besides the outfits) went as planned. I had originally wanted to shoot at a playground with swings and heaps of colour - I wanted everything to be as bright and happy as possible. Then I woke up and remembered that I live in Victoria, where one day can be a clear skies, birds singing and the sun shining and the next can be a fucking parade of wind tunnels, heavy rain and snow. 

It was absolutely pouring on the day of this shoot and I instantly felt overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. I was shooting for the wonderfully stylish and extremely talented ladies at Everland Clothing  and me being the lazy perfectionist (two qualities that when put together equal a constant state of manic procrastination) needed everything to be perfect yet not take too much effort to achieve. 

So basically when I realised that I wouldn't be using a playground in my shoot (and all my dreams were shattered) I immediately sprung into action brainstorming ideas with myself and my friend K-ev (her blog can be found here kristyleeloves) about places I could shoot. So there we were sitting on the random dishwasher (dryer? washing machine? I dunno) in her half renovated kitchen when I thought, fuck it K-ev, instead of rainbows and lollipops we'll have to do "drug den" chic. 

And there you have it, a play by play of the very (melo)dramatic events that lead to the production of these photos. I feel they will remain as some of my favourites. 

Also go and read my fashion entry that goes along with these photos from the Everland Blog (link above). I basically just talk about what I wear but in a really professional manner that makes me seem like I know stuff about style. But I do offer some pretty valuable tips like how you can impress David and Victoria Beckham circa 1993 (if thats not a hook then I don't even know why your here). 


  1. So pretty!

  2. I think it still came out pretty fucking rad. No shame in changing your scenery, the outfits are still bad ass and that's really all that matters, right?