Perfume, Shoes, Dogs and Books.

Dress- Boyfriends mum's
Crop- The Ragged Priest
Socks- American Apparel
Shoes- Demonia

I decided that since I had spent all night cleaning my room and throwing out bags upon bags of clothes and shoes, I would do a little blog post featuring all the favourite parts of my room!

I try not to spend too much time in my room because I’m the type of person that if I have too much of a good thing I’ll get bored and start to loath it. For example during year 10 I think I spent about 90% of the year in my room, as I was pretty unwell. I hardly went to school, or caught up with friends all I did was lie in bed and watch Gilmore Girls. Then one day I woke up and I decided that I hated everything in my room and if I didn’t leave I would probably burn the place down. I then slept in the lounge for about 6 weeks until my hatred was no longer present. So now I know better than to abuse a good thing.

This room could not be any more ‘me’ if I tried. There are different themes right around the room as I am constantly changing what I like and love. Some parts of the room are super girly, like the perfume stand and other parts are so far on the opposite scale it’s like stepping into another world. There are parts of my room that I haven’t shown like the shrine to Kurt Cobain and my suitcase full of Twilight memorabilia and my odd DVD collection is because most people jump to some sort of conclusion. Either a) I’m not a real Nirvana fan b) I suck ‘cause Twlight sucks (piss off I like anything that isn’t based on factual events, and Rob is a fucking babe) or c) that I cant possibly enjoy watching Sex and the City AND RATM – battle of Mexico City because that is just UNHEARD of. So I’ll keep it to shoes and clothes and my dog.

What was supposed to be a quick clean up before I went to work, turned into me fully rearranging my wardrobe, getting rid of 3 bags full of clothes and pulling in an old book case to put my shoes on. Needless to say I was incredibly late for work. I also found a really old bottle of Sherri in my room that I figured I’d chuck a stick candle in and hope for the best. To my surprise it was half full, so I swigged away and danced around my room to Mariah Carey’s greatest hits (which by the way are Not her greatest hits at all! Other songs defiantly deserved to be on there!!) Now I remember why I let my room get so dirty in the first place because I actually enjoy throwing things out and going from hoarder to minimalist in a few short hours.

My room consist of a bed, a standing bookshelf, a chest of draws (full of magazines and house fire waiting to happen), a window, a tv and a desk. Basically your standard room, though I was incredibly lucky and I don’t thank my parents as much as I should as I was given a walk in robe and an en suite. Both of these come in handy as I can just walk around my room naked and not worry if someone will catch me. I can go back and forth from my shower to my wardrobe without a care in the world. Though I’m pretty sure my neighbours have seen more than they wish as I have left my blinds open more times than I can count.

Then there is Wallace the Boston Terrier. Wallace’s breed is incredibly hard to find in Australia and I paid a small fortune for him but I would not have it any other way! He sleeps with me most nights when I’m not competing with my dad for his love. If you have never had the pleasure of meeting a Boston Terrier I strongly suggest you put that on your bucket list.

I’m even boring myself now. I have about a zillion assignments that I’ve been putting off  that I should get too. But just in case you wanted more- below is a letter than I wrote to my stupid phone company as a result of the poor fucking reception I get at my house.

Firstly, i've been with Optus since I got my first ever mobile at the tender age of 15. Sure I played the field at one stage and also got a Telstra sim card, but I was young, I didn't know any better. I soon realised that my heart lied with Optus, i dont know why, maybe because I had a crush on the guy who worked at Optus in my hometown.

Anyway, coverage and service never really seemed to be an issue until now. Maybe it's because I actually want to use my phone for things other than texting (even that is an issue now). I'll paint a picture for you, I live in Traralgon, a town of about 25K people. Large enough to have 6 top take away places, 7 if you count red rooster, but who in their right mind actually eats there. But small enough that we don't have a movie theatre or good placed to buy clothes. Though we do have an Optus shop, which means that of these 25K people, I’m going to assume at least half are Optus customers.

Which brings me to my actual complaint, why the hell am i sitting in my kitchen eating my toast and drinking my coffee with only one bar of reception. One bar. Yep, one god damn bar. I live in the west of Traralgon about 4km from he CBD of Traralgon though still a very built up area- google map it if you need. So i'm wondering why on earth do i have so little reception? The reception sucks so much that at one point all i could make were SOS calls. Yeah, it dropped completely out.

Sometimes it's not an issue, i mean if i desperately want my text to be sent through, or to access the internet without a wifi connection ill just roam the house holding my phone on ridiculous angles and hope for the best. But because I’m an adult and it's way easier to just make a phone call than send a billion text like teenagers do, I find myself in the middle of a really important adult conversation when my phone just cuts out. This is me on a daily basis when ever i answer a phone call in my house:
Me- Hello?, hello can you hear me? hang on while i run and crouch in the corner of my garage because I can usually get about 3 bars of service in that specific area.
It's not just my house either. When i'm at my partners house it sucks even more! I know, how is that even possible.
So i guess i just want to know why I pay about $70 a month for something that sucks to the point where I question why i have a phone in the first place. I feel like a carrier pidgin would be far more reliable, expect you cant access the internet with a friggen pidgin.
Perhaps this is not your fault at all Optus, perhaps it's the fact that i have an iPhone or perhaps it's the fact that my parents raised me in a place that is constantly smelly due to the paper-mill on the outskirts of town. But all i know is that it has made me angry enough to write this letter and i would like some answers.  

Apparently my house is covered by this invisible blanket known as a ‘partial black spot’ that makes reception hard as hell to get. I’m actually not kidding, that is the response I got.


  1. hey! How are the hellbounds to walk in? ARE they REALlY comfortable as everyone says? can you really walk in them, 8 hours a day? Are they steady to walk in? :p

    1. hey lovely,
      Yes, i actually dont have a bad word to say about the unif hellbounds. Honestly, they are incredibly comfortable and really did live up to their expectation. The only issue i have with them is that they are a little scuffed on the heel but that has more to do with the way i walk than the actual shoe it's self. I will say that it took one (sober) night to get used to walking in these but then after that i was fine, i could probably run a marathon in them if i wasn't so unfit.
      So if you are used to walking in any heels then you will be fine and they are definitely worth the money! hope that helps xx

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