Little Green Men

Blazer- Nasty Gal
Tee- Jac Vanek
Shorts- Vintage
Shoes- Unit
Garter- Dark Moon Cult
Socks and Sunnies- Shop Screammm

I wanna tell you guys about the time I was 21 years old and ate shit running in fluoro green alien socks down my hallway to switch off a screaming kettle.

Keep in mind that I don’t run. Ever. And this is why

So I was super excited to receive some goodies in the mail that I completely forgot about the 1980’s kettle (no, really it’s that old) that I had put on the boil about 10 minutes ago. This kettle is the only kettle I have ever used or that we have ever owned. You have to stand there and watch it for what feels like forever in order for it to boil and not wake up the whole house. It’s not the type of kettle that lets you multi task. But I was just way to involved in my packages that I completely forgot.
Here’s something you need to understand about my house. We have a hallway that is about the length of an aeroplane runway, I’m talking huge to the point where will say “oh wow, what a long hallway” without fail.
So here I am down one end of the hallway, and the kettle is down the other in my kitchen. I’m way too focused on my parcel to notice the ever increasing sound of the whistling kettle. I am snapped out of my day dream when my dad yells “turn that god damn kettle off” and I’m like “oh shit!” and without thinking my legs do this strange move that is completely foreign to me (running) and I take off in a puff of smoke. But before I can start actually running, I have absolutely no traction under my feet. Socks and floorboards equal disaster or in Tom Cruises case an super cute improvised dance scene. So with no traction and a now screaming kettle I try even harder to run faster, my legs are moving so quick but I’m not going anywhere until… I lose my footing and I’m talking hands full of goodies, nothing to break my fall, land on my face and knees and eat shit.

I get up, shake myself off, WALK down the hallway and pull the fucking kettle out of the wall, pour myself a cup of coffee and just sit in my own pity.   

So today’s outfit post features my favourite socks ever. What is better than a green alien with some studs? Nothing, that’s what. I paired them with some cute leather shorts that I picked up from Melbourne in a back alley vintage shop. A wonderful find! My Jac Vanek muscle tee also worked perfectly with the green socks and purple John Lennon’s. The garter that I’m wearing is one of the items I was so involved in which lead to my dramatic take down in the hallway. It is the perfect size and simple enough to wear casually or more formally! This blazer though, I friggen love it, but I had brought it as a staple item in my ‘teaching wardrobe’, so I’ve done some mixing and matching and really love the overall look. We also managed to finishing shooting just before the rain came!

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  1. photos turned out awesome!!! love them!! also love how you told the falling over story as theres the bruise in the photo haha i think I have the potential to be a real deal photographer