Via the viaduct- Barf.

Beanie- Petals + Peacocks
Pants- Unif Via Dolls kill
Choker- Everland Clothing
Creepers- Demonia

So this here is a viaduct from my hometown. What a stunning view. There is also a really beautiful creek that runs behind me but you cant see it 'cause it's literally the same colour as the dirt. It reminds me of Springfield's lake with it's three eyed fish (actually thats more Hazelwood Pondage- equally just as gross) But it kinda suited my outfit today and the lighting was amazing, plus my barf beanie adequately describes my feelings towards the puddles of god-knows-what behind me. 

These Unif pants are incredibly comfortable! I managed to pick these up on sale at Dolls Kill along with the shorts version and i'm so glad I did. They fit like a glove! Same can be said for the beanie. It has super cute pink 'barbie' writing on the front and as much as i'm not a girly girl, pink is defiantly a favourite colour of mine. This will be my 7th beanie to add to my growing collection. 

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