The only cross trainers you'll catch me wearing.

Shoes- Unif via Dolls Kill
Crop- Everland Clothing
Jacket and Skirt- Second Hand
Socks- Ebay

I have slept a whole of 5 hours, which for some people is considered an adequate nights sleep, but for me, I need at least 11 hours to function properly. I don’t care what anyone says, if I want 11 hours sleep I’ll have it. ‘Cause while I’m living the uni life and I’m not required to wake up at any particular hour I’m gonna fucking do it. Anyway, so after about a half hour of moaning and telling myself to get my shit together, the door bell rings. I swear I’m now programmed to immediately drop everything and run to the front door like a mother to her crying child. Even when I’m in the deepest of sleeps if I hear the chime of my door bell I’m out of bed, in my dressing gown and before you know it I’m signing my name and opening a parcel I’ve probably forgotten about ordering. Though today, I had not forgotten that I ordered this parcel. I have been waiting for what feels like a good two months since I saw the sneak peak on Solestrucks Instagram.

It was the silver hologram Unif Cross Trainer. If this isn’t the prettiest shoe you have ever seen then I’ll eat my fucking hat.

I don’t really have anything negative to say about this shoe. I am probably a larger than average US size 7, which means when I’m lucky I can fit into an 8 but I usually just stick with a 7. The sizing is much like the Unif Hellbounds, meaning that for me my big toe just touches the end. Though if you’re a true size 7 I defiantly wouldn’t size up or down, stick with your normal size. The shoe is super comfy, with amazing padding around the ankle. I also have a really awful back and these were fine to wear for most of the day, also no blistering or rubbing! Weirdly I had to learn how to walk properly in these as I’m used to a heavier shoe, so I was clomping around awkwardly all morning. The holographic material is extra shinny and has the same feel as a patent leather and the sole is a sturdy rubber. They do sit just above my anklebone and the tongue is quite large. I prefer my laces done all the way up, though in most of the stock photo’s they let the tongue hang lose. Overall the shoe is really high quality and defiantly worth the cost. I will say that I got these from Dolls Kill and they happened to be considerably cheaper than Solestuck, I’m not really sure why- though when I brought my Hellbounds they were cheapest at Solestruck. So shop around to make sure your getting a good deal!


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