My War is with the Bohemian Prince.

Jacket- Dolce Vita from Wasteland 

Crop- Jac Vanek
Shorts- Unif from Dolls Kill

Shoes- Unif Hellbound from Solestruck

Beanie- 10th Tribe

What a wonderful occasion it is when I am graced with the presents of the self proclaimed (but none the less true) Bohemian Prince!  With his sun kissed skin and figure to die for I look like nothing more than a mere peasant in his presents. In all seriousness though, his is my best friend whom I don’t get to play with very often due to him subsiding in the wonderful city of Melbourne. We are both completely in love with our selves and it’s such a relief not having to pretend to care about what the other person is saying. We usually talk over the top of each other, about completely different topics and pretty much just have a conversation with ourselves and by the end of it all we feel completely satisfied.

My outfit is completely inspired by Mischa Barton’s small but very important roll in Law and Order SVU when she plays a hooker that gets knocked up. We totally share the same faux fur leopard jacket. If you haven’t seen this magical episode with our queen Mischa aka Marisa aka Coops, then fucking google it ‘cause you wont regret it. This jacket, as wonderful as it is, has only ever seen the streets of my hometown once. The 10th Tribe Beanie on the other hand has seen many of sights around my town and house. I absolutely adore this beanie!

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