Musk IS Love

Headband- Thrift
Jumper- The Cassette Society
Skirt- H&M
Socks- Too Fast via Dolls Kill
Shoes- Unif Hellbound

I’ve been sitting at my kitchen bench with the curser just flashing at me like an old lady at the library tapping her foot telling me to hurry up or the bouncer at my local pub getting impatient as I drunkenly fumble around in my purse for my ID, which by the way, I know you know I’m old enough to be here, you see me around and this town isn’t that big you dickhead. I feel the pressure from my curser to write something really interesting but I just don’t think that’s gonna happen tonight.

Today I was very lucky to be accompanied by my two best friends. In my mind they really wanted to be there, but in reality I forced them to join me on our way home from study. Anyone who knows me, understandings that I don’t have great social skills or particularly enjoy leaving the comfort of my home but I have a close group of friends who I love more than anything! Plus there is no way I was visiting the pines on my own and rightly so, there are things that live in those pines and in my mind they look like the people from The Hills Have Eyes. My jumper is incredibly old, though it pretty much sums up everything that is anything in my life. (A story in a story) I went through this stage in my life when pretty much all I ate was musk sticks, everything I did involved a musk stick and I even went and brought musk-flavoured incense so I could just sit and ferment in musk. So yeah being able to wear musk on my body seemed perfect. You’ve seen this H&M skirt and my Hellbounds before they are nothing new but still amazing staple items. The socks on the other hand most certainly are. I love, love, love them. They have skeletons and grim reapers and bones and all things that I love on them. Though the only issue I had with them is that the garter section is a little big so they tend to slip a little, nothing that a quick pull up won’t fix though. 

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