The Ragged Priest

Hat- The Ragged Priest
Moto Jacket- The Ragged Priest
Crop- The Ragged Priest
Jeans- Nasty Gal
Creepers- Demonia

What awful (or great, I can’t decide) fucking weather we have had this week. During Autumn/Winter I try my hardest to find any loophole I can that allows be to stay in bed all day. So everything from assignments to eating to shopping will be done from the comfort of my warm bed. Sadly, I’m told this is no way to live a fulfilled life (I beg to differ). I shot today’s blog post out in my backyard and I was constantly running back and forth from outside to inside ‘cause it would just all of a sudden starts absolute pouring. It defiantly wasn’t fucking mid drift weather. I have a love hate relationship with every season. I’m never truly happy with any sort of weather really. It could be the sunniest most glorious day ever and I would be wishing it were cold so I could stay in bed. And now the weather is finally cold enough to snuggle up to a good movie and stay in bed all day without feeling guilty, I’m all like- I wanna go to the fucking beach. But I mean it’s like that with any trivial thing in my life. If my boyfriend chooses to have a burger and I’m set on the wrap I’ll think I’ve made the right decision. But then out comes his meal and it’s this succulent slab of magical meat and I’m stuck with the stupid salad in a wrap I just know that I’ll never be satisfied unless I eat at least half of his meal. It’s a problem and it’s the root of all evil in my life.
Wow, what a nothing story. 

So my outfit, the reason why I’m here. Firstly, holy hell, the quality of these Ragged Priest items is of the highest. I have learnt in my mere 21 years that you pay for what you get (that goes for the hotdog at the 7/11, just don’t fucking do it). The moto jacket has a leather body and mesh sleaves, which I find to be incredibly flattering. I seem to always have trouble with massive arms that make me look about four sizes bigger than what I am and I’m gonna blame my chest size for that (thanks mum L). It also has metal detail on the shoulders and The Ragged Priest’s signature metal plate on the bottom of the back. The rainbow tie-dyed snap back also has the same metal plate on the front, which is super badass. Finally the crop and what a crop this is. I have been really digging crops (along with about 90% of the population) but the one thing that is kind of a downfall for me in regards to crops is that while our weather is getting colder, a mid drift and a open arms is too much skin for my liking. Though this Ragged Priest crop is the perfect balance between coverage and skin. So I do want to thank Bex and the guys at The Ragged Priest, these items are actually some of my favourites that will defiantly appear in future ootd’s.

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