Glittered Daisies.

Jumper/Knit- Wildfox
Leggings- Our Prince of Peace
Shoes- Unif
Choker & Cuff- Everland Clothing

I honestly haven’t slept a full nights sleep in over a week. It’s certainly starting to take in toll on me. Today I was fixing myself a much-needed morning (afternoon) coffee and I somehow managed to pour boiling water all over my hand. What’s worse is it took a good 3 seconds for me to realise what the hell I was doing, drop my cup of coffee on the tiles and rush to cold running water. Burns are by far the most annoying injury. It looks as if there is nothing wrong with me yet it feels like my god dam hand was on fire all friggen day.

Anyway, today I came home to this super cute daisy choker and Cuff from Everland Clothing. I cannot tell you how happy I am that this arrived today! It was as if the world was completely against me and didn’t want me to have this choker, but by god do I love it! I feel awful that I pestered the girls at Everland Clothing but they are wicked cool and ridiculously helpful.  As for the leggings, I love them just as much! They seem way more glitzy and glittery on camera than they do in real life, which I don’t mind, I plan on wearing them during the evenings anyway. All in this entire outfit could go either way, I could swap the hellhounds for a pair of creepers, chuck on a beanie and easily wear this during the day! 

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