Smoke and Lavender

Crop- Evil Twin
Pants- Unif
Shoes- Unif
Tattoo Choker (as arm band)- Cobra Shop

So basically what you see here is me showing off my hair. Haha. I did plan on making this an outfit post, and I guess it kind of is, but when I was taking these photos it was dark out and there was no natural light. (I was also drunk).

This is a throw together outfit as I was heading out and desperately wanted to wear my new Evil Twin crop. It is velvet and soft and beautiful and I love it. Also it has sick cut outs in the back so it’s heaps cooler than any other boring crop I own. But you can’t see them in my photos because I’m super shit. I was also sporting (pun intended) a wicked armband choker thingo that sporty spice rocked back in the 90’s. Aaaaaaaannnddd of course, no outfit is at all finished without something Unif. I have both the black Hellbound’s and the Axl pants in leopard. I get heaps of compliments on these pants, and they make me feel better about being that little bit wider in the hips! 

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