Back to the Future

Sweater/Jumper/Dress- Evil Twin via General Pants

Shoes- Y.R.U

I had heaps of fun playing around with makeup and though I would never be able to step foot outside my front door without people thinking I was nuts, I will probably attempt this face again for a night out. My hair makes me feel like a 12 year old and I friggen love that. I never want to grow up and have responsibilities. Call me lame but at the moment I’m far too immature to be a 21 year old.

So this jumper/sweater!!! Holy hell, is this not the coolest sweater dress you have ever friggen seen? Evil twin make the most amazing shit and they are an Australian brand, which is even cooler! The material is actually really light but super warm, I was so hot shooting today, so this jumper will be amazing for winter. The little aliens are made of a really cute metallic thread which glitz in the sunlight so it would be so easy to dress this sweater up for a more night-time look.  

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