Shirt: Alice Cooper Band T
Shorts: Unif Axle Shorts
Shoes: Demonia Creepers 

I've decided to start up a proper blog using a quality camera instead of just my iphone. So i've spent pretty much all day figuring out how to go about posting on this thing (I'm far from tech savvy). So I'll basically be posting most of my photos on here rather than my Instagram or Tumblr as I wouldn't want to clog up any news feeds with my junk. I haven't figured out how to follow other blogs just yet but feel free to subscribe and i'll do my best to get my shit together 

Basically todays outfit was a massive throw together, the seasons in Victoria at the moment are ridiculous. Yesterday I wearing massive coats and beanies and today i'm back in shorts and a tee. I'm looking forward to the colder months and absolutely over 35 degree days. 

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