Dark Side of the Moon

Knit- Unif
Leggings- Actual Pain
Shoes- Demonia Creepers

It's a wonderful wintery day today so I decided to skip Uni all together and sleep in. I am not looking forward to work or driving in this weather though. Thanks to placement i'm incredibly behind in all things Uni related and honestly I'm not even sure what classes i'm enrolled in so I guess most of my Uni break will be spent catching up. 

These leggings are by far some of the coolest I own. I am obsessed with anything sun and moon related and feel like these will be my go to for comfort this winter. As for the knit,  I don't believe it's possible for Unif to do anything wrong when it comes to design. It's nice to chuck on something really colourful during the cooler months rather than constantly living in black. Though I had to balance out the 'girly-ness' with some dark lipstick. 

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