The Editor's Market X Waanderland

Crop- Everland Clothing
Shoes- Y.R.U

I wish I could find a much nicer place to shoot but i've been incredibly busy today. I am literally shooting in front of the only blank wall at my house. As I live in a pretty small town, taking my camera and tripod out in the middle of a park or street draws a lot of unwanted attention. 

Anyway, I am so happy to be working with the guys from The Editor's Market! I must say I will be living in these plaid pants and corduroy jacket! They are such a perfect combo. The Editor's Market is completely fashion forward and the shopping experience is unlike anything I've encountered. I was first confused by the concept of a 'Personal Basket' and 'Shared Basket' but after a little trial and error I have found this concept incredibly useful! Basically the more you buy the less you spend! Being a poor uni student and a shopaholic has always been a awful combination but the idea of "the more you buy the less it cost" was like a dream come true. A 'Shared Basket' allows you and your buddies (or a stranger) to add items of clothing to the same basket and receive some seriously wicked savings. Though if you like me and you cant afford a social life and have no friends a 'Personal Basket' can give you the same benefits but you just have to be able to fill the basket on your own, which shouldn't be hard considering all the amazing things to choose from! 
You can choose from a 1-pc, 3-pc, 6-pc, or 15-pc basket- Remember the more items you add to your basket the cheeper everything is! 

If you love on-trend clothes and accessories and want an amazing deal I seriously suggest you check these guys out. There is a link to click on in the list of items that I'm wearing or you can just copy and past theeditorsmarket.com into your browser and start shopping! 

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