Dusty Rose

Body Suit- Wildfox from Dolls Kill
Skirt- H&M (ebay)
Shoes- Unif Hellbound from Solestruck

So this is what happens when I have three days of unpredictable mood swings. I have been getting so sick of myself the last couple of days that when I woke up this morning I had to do something drastic. Not that this is the craziest my hair has ever been, but considering my current circumstances and inability to dye my hair due to my internship/placement I’d say that this slight shade of dusty pink is as outrageous as I can get. Besides the colour, my hair is completely natural and you can start to see how thin it really is. If I dry it off with a blow dryer and leave it this is the outcome.

So it was not warm today, whatsoever but this outfit suited my hair perfectly so I don’t care. This would be a perfect outfit for a spring/summers night out and if it wasn’t the beginning of Autumn and I had a proper social life this would be what I would wear. Before today I hadn’t really had a chance to wear the MAC Viva Glam Nicki lavender lipstick yet, but I love it! It last forever but is also really easy to take off. There is nothing more I hate than waking up in the morning to stained lips from the night before.