Dress - Meek to Chic* // Shoes - Windsor Smith // Hat - Brixton // Bag - The Lair

I could not have asked for a better outfit to welcome myself back to blogging. I also couldn't have asked for a cooler location- Coles, Port Melbourne, roof top parking. It has some of the best views in Melbourne... probably, I don't know. It was a little busy and a little intimidating at first. But blog shoots are just like riding a bike, you stand there and pretend you're more important than you actually are whilst your photographer (a friend you begged to take the photos for you) tries to work his way around the light leaks because you accidentally dropped your lens when you arrived in Sydney... drunk (it was just the UV filter, I'm not that irresponsible). I did finish this shoot by saying "If I was on ANTM I probably, more than likely, definitely would have been told I nailed it within the first few frames" which is a humble way of saying I think the photos turned out really cool and I think I look okay. If there is one thing I've learnt from my time away it's take as many selfies as you can but don't ever elude to or suggest that you - in any way shape or form - think you look good. 'Cause like, thats so narcissistic.

I do however, really like this outfit, the dress was in great condition and when I had an issue with the zip the girls at Meek to Chic handled it promptly and got me a new one in no time, given that it was around christmas and the Aus Post apparently crumbles under the pressure as if they didn't have the whole year to prepare for it. The dress fits like a glove and I can even get away with chucking a denim skirt on with it to dress it down. I will say, as i've learnt from experience with these kind of flared sleeves- don't eat spaghetti or do any reaching across tables in it 'cause you will fucking ruin it. 

IF you want to keep reading on I do go into a few reasons as to why I've been away for so long. Keep in mind it's super cryptic and general and doesn't actually tell you anything of importance 'cause most of it was pretty personal. But I mean do it anyway 'cause you've made it this far. 

IT's been one hell of a couple of months. Obviously i've been away for quite some time. Honestly I took the time to kind of unplug for a while. I guess I didn't really know what direction I was going in for quite sometime. I wasn't using my degree, I was working in an office and I was trying really hard to stay motivated and be creative all the while trying to keep on top of things that were happening in my personal life. I've never been good at juggling- i've always had the coordination of a baby giraffe and I soon found myself lost, unmotivated and burnt out. 

I was watching all my friends who were in the same position as me, all creative types, at 24 with still no direct path in life. We would all discuss the fact that not one of us were where we wanted to be in life. I guess I always pride myself on being quite honest but I had found myself slowly becoming something I wasn't proud of. I know this outlook had a lot more to do with my personal life than it did with social media - but I guess in order for me to be comfortable putting my life on social media I had to be comfortable in my own skin, which I definitely wasn't. 

WHich brings me to now, I think the time I have taken off wasn't planned but it was obviously what I needed both physically and mentally. I can now say i'm much happier and I have found that balance between being present in reality and being constant on social media. I have built up my support network again and I have found someone who embodies everything that I have hoped for, who always seeks out the positives, brings out my strengths and accepts, no- loves, my flaws. And as much as I would love to say that I'm a strong independent woman and have made these leaps on my own (which he constantly states is truth and fact), I know deep down that if it were not for him, and others in my life I would probably still be in that same old rut, stressed about life and taking it all way to seriously. 

*Disclaimer; Meek to Chic gifted their Groove Girl Tunic but I was not paid for this post.



It's that magical time of the year again when the sun comes out more frequently, stockings can be tucked at the back of the intimates draw and its more acceptable to leave the house without shoes on. With Summer is just around the corner and Spring well and truly present its the perfect time for me to start organising my summer wardrobe. One of the hardest things about having to also work a day job is being able to purchase times i can wear for both business and pleasure. I was lucky enough to be asked to sit court side by the guys and gals from Rokk Ebony Melbourne and Rokk Man Barbers during there MSFF runway. Held at Collins Place, paris end of Collins street, it was a certainty that the fashion would be super sleek lines with a hint of spring racing and topped off with a professional twist to the current 70's trend, appropriate enough for any day time wear in the office (minus the backless lass jumpsuit obviously).  

But the main reason we were all there was for the hair. The hair was fem and understated- both summing up exactly was spring time should be about. Hair that can move with the spring time breeze but still look professional enough to wear with a power suit or slick straight lines. A perfect balance for the transitioning from winter to spring. Ive included below the "How To's" for both the Side Tie and my personal fav, the Faux Bob.



I'm cold. Its wet. And its incredibly dark for 11 am. 
I've been moving around quite a lot in the past couple of months. I was living out of a suitcase for quite some time whilst I found a more permanent residence and as materialistic as this sounds, I missed my things. I missed waking up and being surrounded by all the junk i've collected over the years, all the silly little nik naks, all the stuff that makes me feel like I'm home. Its funny how easily you lose yourself when you don't have a place that's yours. But now that i've crammed all my necessities into one 2X2 "half bedroom" I feel like can finally focus on getting my life in order again. I have a lot of love for this bedroom though, the white walls, dark wood floors, high ceilings and a large window that brings in stunning natural light. I wouldn't want anything more. Its cosy and tidy and has enough room for me to hang my paintings and keep plants on the windowsill. 

I did this shoot a while back in the summer, you can tell because I'm not translucent and my face is flicked with freckles. The location is my nan and pops house in the country and there were so many memories playing in their backyard. Its an odd feeling to come back and see just how small everything actually is. When you're a child everything just seems so incredibly big- the dinning table, the kitchen the backyard and all the hiding spots. There was so much wonder and mystery that surrounded my nan and pops house. But the older I got the more started to realise that the fern garden wasn't a jungle and large piece of oval fibreglass wasn't a giants bar of soap. 

I've always said this, but I have never really wanted to grow up. I like my independence and I like that I can do what I like and go to bed when I feel like it. But the actual growing old part and having tremendous responsibility just doesn't interest me. It's like a really boring ride that starts off with so much potential but then steadily starts to slow down and all of a sudden your not having fun anymore. I'd like to get of now and find a better ride, please.