I'm cold. Its wet. And its incredibly dark for 11 am. 
I've been moving around quite a lot in the past couple of months. I was living out of a suitcase for quite some time whilst I found a more permanent residence and as materialistic as this sounds, I missed my things. I missed waking up and being surrounded by all the junk i've collected over the years, all the silly little nik naks, all the stuff that makes me feel like I'm home. Its funny how easily you lose yourself when you don't have a place that's yours. But now that i've crammed all my necessities into one 2X2 "half bedroom" I feel like can finally focus on getting my life in order again. I have a lot of love for this bedroom though, the white walls, dark wood floors, high ceilings and a large window that brings in stunning natural light. I wouldn't want anything more. Its cosy and tidy and has enough room for me to hang my paintings and keep plants on the windowsill. 

I did this shoot a while back in the summer, you can tell because I'm not translucent and my face is flicked with freckles. The location is my nan and pops house in the country and there were so many memories playing in their backyard. Its an odd feeling to come back and see just how small everything actually is. When you're a child everything just seems so incredibly big- the dinning table, the kitchen the backyard and all the hiding spots. There was so much wonder and mystery that surrounded my nan and pops house. But the older I got the more started to realise that the fern garden wasn't a jungle and large piece of oval fibreglass wasn't a giants bar of soap. 

I've always said this, but I have never really wanted to grow up. I like my independence and I like that I can do what I like and go to bed when I feel like it. But the actual growing old part and having tremendous responsibility just doesn't interest me. It's like a really boring ride that starts off with so much potential but then steadily starts to slow down and all of a sudden your not having fun anymore. I'd like to get of now and find a better ride, please.


Last Day of MBFW 15. I'm feeling excited and exhausted, sad but also incredibly happy to have been given such an amazing opportunity by Redken Australia. I couldn't thank the team enough for welcoming me in to such a tight knit family. I felt so incredibly honoured to be in the same room as many of Australia's leading hair stylist and to be given the chance to photograph them doing what they do best is something i'll never forget. Not to mention, being given the opportunity to be one of one with designers and models, back stage, side stage and front row, is probably the most exciting thing that a small country girl has ever done. This time last year i would never have imagined to be where I am right now. I'm am so incredibly blessed and grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way. 


Designer: Betty Tran
Hairstylist: Jon Pulitano

Designer: Betty Tran
Hairstylist: Jon Pulitano

Designer: Gail Sorronda
Hair Stylist: Jon Pulitano

Designer: Johanna Johnson
Hair Stylist: Richard Kavanagh 



DAY THREE - How lovely it was to have a slight sleep in before a 9am start! Despite this I did wake up at 6am anyway. My body was finally starting to cooperate and I had a butt load of energy. First up i got to see the final product of my hair trial with Richard Kavanagh for Kate Sylvester I definitely felt super special to have some one on one hair time with such an amazing and renowned hair stylist. The look for Kate Sylvester was a take of Romeo and Juliet, with half the models having the grace and poise of Juliet and the other half showing the strong androgynous style of Romeo. I've always been a fan of the fine line between feminine and masculine and Kate Sylvester's show remains a stand out. 

Next up for the morning was the much anticipated Bondi Bather which swayed from predictable runway show and introduced us to the fun bubbly side of fashion we'd been craving all week. Kawaii inspired hair straight from the streets of Harajuku Japan accompanied by the collaboration with Hello Kitty showed Bondi Bather now has some serious street cred. This was my first time seeing first hand how incredible Colour Rebel by Redken truly was. Later in the week you'll be able to see the stunning rose gold use in my very own hair. 
Hair directors from Redken Australia: Phillip Barwick and Kristina Russelland. 

The first group show of the week featured the likes of WORN, Jack Huang and Onticha, some incredibly up and coming designers. Hair was a simple yet highly technical and effective exaggerated bun. Being a group show full of edgy and emerging designers, the hair needed to compliment rather than complicate the final runway look and hair director Jon Pulitano (Redken) does this with ease. 

The Theatre at Carriageworks is my ultimate favourite spot to shoot the runway. Luckily enough and with many thanks to Redken I was mostly front row for majority of the Redken shows. And thankfully I was able to get some great snaps of Beauty Berry/ Wang Yutao 60's inspired runway. I was expecting to see a lot more 60's and 70's inspired looks on the runway going off of shows from New York Fashion Week but Wang Yutao was really the only designer to tackle the hippy vibes with sophistication and poise. The hair, created by the ever talented and overall amazing man Phillip Barwick (Redken), was a classic 60's side swept fringe but the tousled locks kept it relevant and current. 

Finally after a jam packed day we had the very last show and second group show for day three, Group Swim. Surprisingly there were a lot more guys in the audience than we had seen all week. The hair styled by hair directed Paloma Rose Garcia (Redken) was everything you picture your hair should look like straight out of a pool or the ocean. You imagine these stunning beachy curls and sleek wet roots sitting perfectly as you strut out of the ocean. Though unfortunately the reality for most of us is the less than desirable sand filled, sticky dreads which take a good three washes and conditioning to get out (no? just me?). As usual the models rocked a very glamorous runway and one of the most exciting aspect was seeing different body types and ethnicities being celebrated.