HEY so this is my mini bath tub! It's perfect for a dog but I would NEVER dream of sitting naked in this thing. I can't wait to gut this bathroom and ditch the dingy bath tub but for now it makes a perfect place for a shoot.

I'm wearing a staple piece that I absolutely love from Chip Chop fashion! The quality of their items mean even I can wash them without the worry of shrining and going out of shape! I can wear this piece as a dress, shirt, skirt of top!  It's also a great piece for the transition from winter to spring- forget floral i'm all for dots and stripes.


sweater//skirt//heels//clutch- Missguided
sun glasses- Forever 21

I'm now officially a resident of Melbourne- the big smoke- the capital- the place where dreams go to die. I've been making a mental list of all the things that i've come to realise over the past couple of weeks living out of home;

Someone actually has to turn the heater on
Washing clothes is hard
Washing dishes is satisfying. 
It's oddly quiet without my mum's random outburst. 
It's no where near as funny without my mum's random outburst
Cheap shit is shit- buy the expensive vacuum instead
Getting mail is frustrating- I WAS HOME JUST BUZZ
Apartment living is kinda like staying in a hotel- permanently. 
Boys are a different smellier species
They say dogs can live in apartments yet everyone is super interested in saying I can't have one. 
Apartments are small ohmygod
Chefs have the worst lives/routine ever according to my neighbour
Just like filling up your car, you have to continuously buy food to eat. 
No matter how many time you loudly praise the neighbours cooking she will never invite you over
You can have wine when ever you want
I'm a grown up 
I'm sheltered.

In all honesty though I really do love it. Developing some form of independence is fun. 

My outfit this week is super colourful, like most of my wardrobe. Black on white on black. I got a chance to style a complete Missguided monochrome outfit which was incredibly exciting considering I love Missguided! I've been loving lace up heels recently, croc, snake, leopard print or just a plain white or neutral so these were defiantly my favourite item to style. I feel they will make many more appearances on I also love the idea of pairing a skirt and a sweater. Whether it be for the office or casual I love the balance between a comfortable top and a fitted skirt. I opted for a high split skirt just to show a bit more skin and avoid looking to frumpy. I've also made sure to tuck the sweater in so my waist line is still visible, this would only work with a thicker skirt though so keep that in mind. Keep every thing else super sleek, maybe even chuck on a lick of bright pink lippy for a nighttime transition! 



I'm gonna keep this short and sweet for ya'll. I don't have many stories up my sleeve this time round as i've been quite busy lately. Doing god knows what, I just know I don't seem to have enough time on my hands these days. 
I've styled a super casual everyday look for the colder months. Being that it was quite sunny today I made the conscious decision not to over do it with the layers. The shift dress can be worn as either a tee or a dress obviously but considering the state of my legs at the moment I chose to cover those bad boys up with a skinny indigo jean. I plan on this being my staple piece for Japanese summer! Gosh I cant tell you how excited I am to leave for 3 weeks!!
I'm finding my beauty routine has taken a back seat in the last couple of months. I have been neglecting my poor eyebrows and my attempt at any kind of cover up is pathetic. I think pony tails and braids are my new best friends and I doubt i'll be straightening, blow waving or curling in the near future. But looking on the bright side, due to the disgusting amount of herbal tea i've been been subconsciously pouring down my gullet my skin has completely cleared of any pimples, red blotchiness and most of my imperfections! Not saying i'm an oil painting but gosh, coffee made me so hagged looking so this change has definitely been for the best. 

I cant believe I almost forgot to mention the most attractive being in these photos. It's Wallace's blogging debut and I feel he nailed it. 

Shagg- Evil Twin
Shift Dress- Chip Chop Clothing
Shoes- Platform Converse